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Through The Nightmares - is the most atmospheric hardcore action-platform game you have ever seen!

Imagine a hardcore platformer. High quality, unique gameplay, and nice responsive control. And then turn it upside down! Instead of simple pixel art which is usual for this genre, imagine deep narrative with beautiful environments taking place in the scary and magical world of a childhood nightmare.

You'll get: Through the Nightmares.

The game narrates about the Sandman wandering the world of children's nightmares. The goal of the main character is to find and rescue the child from a trap the almighty Morpheus.

The game consists of three chapters, each chapter tells the story of an individual child. All dreams aren't similar to each other, as well as children aren't similar: everyone has his own hobbies, impressions, and fears.

You're about to stay overnight in the gloomy forest, to explore depths of space and to visit an epoch of knights. However, you will can't enjoy the moment, because everything around will try to kill you.

Immerse yourself in the magical world of childhood nightmares. Help the Sandman to save the children, claiming all their fears. In the Through the Nightmares you will find:

  • Convenient simple character controlling with unique abilities for hardcore platformers: reduction in size and transferable temporary checkpoint;
  • About 50 unique levels!
  • A lot of action!
  • More action!
  • More than a hundred different mechanics, disclosed in the form of child fears;
  • Most of the mechanics work in the tempo of music; to predict timings, you just need to listen to the beat!
  • About five hours of testing your reaction and nerves!

Alpha build


The build contains 15 levels - the entire first chapter without a final boss fight. First 10 levels are decorated and reflect the future appearance of the game.

This is an early build: some mechanics are not sounded, not all animations and effects are completed, there may be bugs and performance problems. Don’t judge strictly, we will fix everything to the release!

We will be grateful if you can pass a short survey after the game. This will help us make the game better!

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